Who is this guy?

As a “face” for the world of technology, Chris Pirillo is a personality in whom tech enthusiasts trust to answer questions and lead discussions. From his self-inspired cartoon logo to his real face on national TV, Chris’s ongoing efforts have provided timely, accurate, and reliable information to the mass market: Microsoft Windows users, Internet surfers, consumer electronics dependents. With more people getting connected to broadband, and an ever-increasing proliferation of decentralized media and self-controlled news sources (e.g., blogs), we have an opportunity to lead in this space.

There are few others in this industry who have lead by example. In 1996, Chris Pirillo launched Lockergnome.com, intent on delivering personality-infused tech answers to his audience. In 1998, he authored the authoritative book on e-mail publishing – further establishing himself as a thought leader. WHO AM 1040, a popular Midwestern talk radio presence, invited him to start hosting a weekly “tech show” broadcast in early 2000. His presence was ultimately noticed by both talent and executive producers at the television station, TechTV. He moved from the middle of Iowa to San Francisco in 2001, and began hosting “Call for Help” for them - driving a live, interactive program that focused on solving common technology frustrations.

With a greater understanding of production and entertainment values, as well as a strong feel for (and connection with) his media audience, Chris left the network shortly before it was absorbed by G4. Throughout his time at TechTV, his independent businesses continued to flourish. Leading sponsors like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AMD, GoDaddy, GoToMeeting, PayPal, and others have continually recognized the value of being placed in front of influencers from across the globe.

Chris has consistently expressed his convictions outright, supplying practical information to targeted audiences: IT professionals, Web developers, small business owners, et al. He remains a leading personality in the tech community-at-large, having become the #1 “chris” on Google and often being asked to sit on various advisory boards.

Attaching celebrity to a product or service is a classic marketing tactic. What if that personality actually spoke from his heart, extending believability and benevolence to the company’s constituents? Since markets are conversations, sponsors are illustrating their commitment to the public by enabling Chris Pirillo to act as a liaison. His approachability, undeniable spirit, and candor have drawn hundreds of thousands of persons to follow him and his recommendations. Without feeling that someone is on their side, customer frustrations will eventually lead to permanent disillusionment. Evangelists like Chris Pirillo is a better choice for long-term community outreach – if only because he cares far beyond the duration of a commercial or product launch.

Chris understands that valid communication is fostered through interpersonal connections. After all, people always trust people more than they trust companies. As such, he is ready to leverage his skills, connections, and widespread recognition to help give sponsors a friendlier face. It is essential that the faith placed in his leadership remains independent from any single influence. However, one strong partnership will result in an unlimited amount of otherwise-unattainable opportunities.

Chris is never short of ideas – and when it comes to developing the right package for a sponsor or a company which employs him as a consultant, he won’t stop until he knows how to help them reach their goals.

Chris Pirillo: The Technologist

"Chris Pirillo is at the center of the digital universe." ~ Robert Scoble, Technology Evangelist

"I've long admired Chris Pirillo's infectious enthusiasm and sense of fun." ~ Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO of O'Reilly & Associates (the world's leading computer book publisher)

"Pirillo is looking to the future..." ~ Inc. Magazine, August 2003

"Chris Pirillo reminds me of Oprah. He is pretty damned brilliant and makes the word 'entrepreneur' sound like some slow-moving, washed-up, has-been word. There must be a better word that includes the 'whirl' feeling Chris's brain gives off. So, what I'm trying to say is that if you don't think Chris will be famous, like WAY famous one of these day, think again." ~ Halley Suitt, Writer for the Harvard Business Review

"Whether you knew it or not, your audience was about 200 people and they all stayed for your entire presentation. It was really a fun change from the usual boring speaker talking about economic forecasts and so on! We had many great comments on the deal." ~ Barb H.

"I handle media relations for Amazon's Web Services initiative. I'm writing to see if we could use your innovative use of AWS as a case study, should a reporter need one. Could we reference you?" ~ Jeff Hardison, Amazon.com

"I admit to not having heard of you previously, but a bunch of fans of yours cited it as the main reason they came to buy stuff from our Web site over weekend. Now that I have seen it, I think it's great (being a big geek myself). " ~ Richard Hsu, Singer for Da Vinci's Notebook

"You know how when you meet someone in Real Life and you just sort of know 'This person is really cool, and I'd have a good time hanging out with him?' Well, [you're] like that." ~ Wil Wheaton, Actor

"We may be able to work together someday..." Steve "Woz" Wozniak, Co-Founder, Apple Computer

"It was great meeting you in person tonight. You came across as a genuine guy, and I respect that (greatly)." ~ George Alfs, Intel Corporation

"[Chris is] a hyperkinetic wunderkind who is slowly but surely building a business of rallying people around and subsequently helping them with technology. With Pirillo firmly ensconced as a trusted source who methodically creates a community of believers for his opinions and ideas, we are naming him Evangelist of the Month." ~ Wabash & Lake, Marketing Agency

"With the TV show, he sells Brand Pirillo again and again - then links it to everything that he touches. Conversely, he seems to have cross-marketing agreements with scores of other... sites and products." ~ Andy McCaskey, Client Solutions Manager, Agilent Technologies

"Chris is a great guy, and great for the industry." Philip "Pud" Kaplan, Creator of F--kedCompany.com

"I've followed your 'progress' from Lockergnome to 'Call for Help.' I am originally from Trinidad, but live in LA. I am a multiple-medalist Olympic sprinter by trade, but I am also very much a tech junkie. As I've told you before, you are exceptional on that show." ~ Ato Boldon, World Champion Sprinter

"It was a pleasure talking with you... at the Waterside Conference. I am very impressed with what you have accomplished. I am even more impressed with your energy and passion, which are the foundation of your success." ~ Allen G. Taylor, Author of Several Technology "Dummies" Books

Chris Pirillo: The Leader

"Sure, Chris is a topnotch geek, but they're a dime a dozen. What makes Chris unique is that no one has stayed so in tune with the enthusiasm of the plain ol' user... and the Lord must love them, because He made so many of 'em. Everything Chris does, from his best-of-breed book to his insanely popular daily newsletter - sounds, tastes and smells like him: a lovable wise-guy who knows 'everything,' is 100% trustworthy and is a kick to be around." ~ David Weinberger, Author and Correspondent for NPR

"The one influencer in technology who 'got it' first about what we were trying to do with vpr Matrix PCs as a premium private label brand of Best Buy's was Chris Pirillo. Chris understood that the technology opinion leaders who followed him eschewed a mass retailer like Best Buy. He was tremendously insightful in helping us to reach his audience." ~ Kim Garretson, Director of Emerging Media, Strategic Development, Best Buy Corporate

"Cities can't shine without citizens. When Chris isn't in Des Moines, there seems to be one ray of sunshine missing." ~ Chris Coleman, Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilmember At-Large, Des Moines, Iowa

"It's hard to imagine anyone loving technology more than Chris Pirillo. His undeniable, ever-enthusiastic dedication to share with others the considerable tech knowledge he's gathered living life in the cyber world is what makes him special." ~ Blaine Flamig, Editor, CPU Magazine

"As a multimedia engineer and part-time teacher, your commentaries do carry weight in what I recommend we buy and use. Also, sometimes your comments have a bearing on my opinions as subject material for my students. So, let me say this, your newsletters are very important and your influence (for better or worse) are very far reaching in many ways." ~ James Dwight, San Antonio College Library

"In the past, as the head of the Technical Architecture team at the Home Shopping Network, I made it a requirement for all of my team members to subscribe to Lockergnome. It has been the only newsletter that I have faithfully read on a daily (well, almost daily) basis." ~ Roland L. Jacobs, Senior Vice President, Technology, Topica

"I have been an IT professional since CPM and IBM mainframe days. We professionals are tired of the plain approach to knowledge; as long as you continue to make it fun, I am sure that you will be a hit." ~ Perry Halbert, Director of Information Services / CIO, Jesscom

"Chris Pirillo continues to keep his finger on the pulse of all things digital media, serving as an unbiased and unwavering consumer advocate for his readers and friends. His energy, passion, and enthusiastic desire to just help others understand technology is infectious. As a business associate, Chris has been a great help in providing solid and qualified product feedback that is carried in high esteem by our product development team." ~ Sean Alexander, Lead Product Manager, Windows Digital Media Division, Microsoft Corporation

"Chris is always on the cutting edge of where technology is going, particularly in the areas of media, Internet and how they are merging. He's a true visionary." ~ Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief for Ziff-Davis Media's Internet Group (ExtremeTech, pcmag.com, eweek.com)

"As a computer networking professional and community college faculty member, I constantly recommend [you]. I took an informal poll Saturday (42 students) and they all agreed that they enjoy the descriptions you give - it saves them time investigating the things they don't need, and gives them insight into what is available." ~ Michael P. Henry, Webmaster, Napa Valley College

"I really like Chris, and I can certainly relate [to him] - being a short, loud Italian geek myself. I've spent the last 20 years of my life trying to overcome my geekiness and 'fit in,' but I must say how easy it has been for me to just relax [around him] and be at home with my own strangeness. " ~ Dave McClure, PayPal Developer's Network Director / eBay

"Protonic.com is about to enter its third year of operation. Its success in helping over 40,000 clients, answering over 80,000 questions by our 1,051 technicians, is in no small part due to you." ~ Rick Streeter

Chris Pirillo: The Entrepreneur

"Chris, I have been a member of your Brain Trust for four days. Already, I have seen an increase in my sales, and have made high-level contacts that just never would have happened outside this list and the camaraderie it fosters. Thank you so much for taking the time to put all of us together." ~ Jodie Gastel, Founder, Score Brownie Points

"I just joined The Brain Trust in the last week, yet with the information that is available, I have already come up with an idea for a new business that I hope to launch soon. Thanks again Chris." ~ Rob Serfozo, Owner, SRLNet.com

"Thanks to Chris and his Lockergnome Tutorials series, we turned The Wireless Networking Starter Kit into an electronic book that brought in a few thousand dollars with almost no effort. We should listen to him more often!" ~ Adam Engst & Glenn Fleishman, Authors of The Wireless Networking Starter Kit

"I just received a titled position and was invited to participate in a high level R&D part of the company. None of which would be possible without your help." ~ Des Moines local, Ron Keener

"It's one thing to know how the Internet works; this guy knows how to work the Internet. I've been active in online advertising and marketing since 1995, and there are very few people who have done what Chris has. His ideas have merit beyond monetary value." ~ Adam Boettiger, Founder of I-Advertising

"Each of his ventures has been inspirational, to say the least. A relationship with Chris has certainly given my business credibility, but his shining example of how to leverage online community to achieve success has proven invaluable." ~ Mike Chandler, 2Xtreme Media Founder

"Chris Pirillo is a man who knows how to take an idea and turn it into a viable business, seemingly overnight. Pay attention to this man - he gets things done." ~ Anne Mitchell, CEO of Habeas, Inc.

"What I like best about Pirillo is how he's constantly got his shoulder to the envelope. He's always exploring different ways to use the Internet, different ways to get information across, and different ways to build community. He's got nerves, a great sense of humor, and a very strange, creative mind." ~ Tara Calishain, Editor for ResearchBuzz.com

"I've enjoyed watching Chris open new doors and do new things - making money with virtually everything he touches. If you listen respectfully to his advice, leaving only to practice what you have learned, you will succeed. Whenever I hear, 'It can't be done,' I know that Chris will do it with great success." ~ Michael Worth, Managing Member for Crew Tags Int'l, LLC

"Chris Pirillo's energy and creativity are contagious. That's why there's always a crowd waiting to see what he's going to say or do next. On the topic of online business, Chris doesn't just 'get it,' Chris 'pushes it.'" ~ Barbara J. Feldman, Syndicated Columnist, "Surfing the Net with Kids"

"Quite simply, Chris is the most sensitive radar on the Internet. He's constantly detecting the next hot thing when it's still far beyond the horizon. By the time a few early adopters are just starting to play with something, he's already a guru. Besides that, he's a big ball of energy that you can't help but be inspired by." ~ Steve Loyola, Founder / CEO of BestWebBuys.com

"It's not what you know, it's who you know, and Chris is keeping envious company. It is one of those times where I hope my competitors don't see this list." ~ Brett Tabke, WebmasterWorld Owner

"Chris Pirillo is the hands-down king at converting what's in his brain to something for his wallet, and I've stolen many a trick from him over the years. Not only is this guy always ahead of the curve, he has half the Internet watching to see what his next move will be." ~ Chris White, TopFive.com Creator

"Working online, sometimes you feel like you're the only person doing this. I've looked to Chris Pirillo for inspiration for several years. Always on the cutting edge, he keeps me informed of 'what's next' in such a way that I get just as excited as he does about it." ~ Cathie Walker, Sillygirl Productions

Chris Pirillo: The Personality

"Chris Pirillo takes his passion for all things technology with his quirky comedic style and turns it into a high-energy, informative romp through the bits and bytes. He's the real deal." ~ Cathy Brooks, Former Director, TechTV Talent & Booking (currently VP, Business Development, Porter Novelli)

"Chris is a digital combination of Columbus, Edison, and Dear Abby. [He is] an invaluable asset to any one who uses a computer. Praise the 'Lockergnome.' In the land where information rules, Chris is the king." ~ Charles Fleischer, Actor (best known as the voice of Roger Rabbit)

"I'm a TV writer / producer living in L.A., and [I'm] not a exactly a techie - but I find myself having become a recent convert to your show and, I admit, have become positively addicted to it. I'm just so impressed that you, so firmly a part of the tech establishment, are willing to go out on a limb for your readers / viewers.  That passion - mixed with a rare kindness seen on TV - really comes through on your show. And, well, I guess just wanted to congratulate you. " ~ Rick M.

"From a long-time Gnomie in Canada, I just wanted to say you're doing a great job on TechTV. It feels like I'm watching someone I know…" ~ Ted C.

"You're great on TechTV. Anyone who has such a broad understanding of tech with the talent to communicate it is a welcome addition. A rare combination..." ~ Tom C.

"I'm impressed with your knowledge and command on a wide range of issues, and how easily you seem to be able to switch gears from subject to subject. I'm also impressed at how 'at ease' you appear to be in front of the camera. Having done some live radio, I am a little familiar at how anxious someone can be in that type of situation." ~ Jeff D.

"I've always known that you had a flair and a passion for what you do, and it comes through fantastically on the tube. Keep up the good work; you're doing great, and you are definitely going to make it there." ~ Brett B.

"I've been watching 'Call for Help' again since you started. I thought the show was going to the dogs. You have breathed life into the show. Love your humor!" ~ Gary M.

"Chris, it is both delightful and satisfying to receive responses to questions asked. I have asked several questions over the years and this is the only answer I have ever received. For this, I thank you." ~ Tom E.

"I wanted you to know I appreciate your STYLE; it makes learning FUN." ~ Dennis C.

"I've been watching CFH for 2 1/2 years, and you are the best thing that has happened to it. Your knowledge is incredible. Are you really a robot!?! " ~ Sandie F.

"You have brought life to 'Call for Help!' Thanks... I like your down-to-Earth style and humor... just the right mix... I am a father of seven, and have five computers in my household to deal with. So, you can see why the show has helped me upgrade and save money at the same time." ~ Ed W.

"I am an Information Systems Officer who loves to watch your show. Sometimes I already know the tips and suggestions that you give, but that only reinforces the information and other times I just soak up the new bits of knowledge for future use." ~ David M.

"I didn't know what to expect, but you do have a way of getting people's attention. Sort of a cross between Bugs Bunny and Robin Williams. Thoughtful and intellectual, but still zany enough to make people laugh." ~ Steve L.

"My spouse is continually disgusted when I turn on your TV segment and sit there giggling at your inane jokes and witticisms, scribbling down your countless tips, and expressing awe at your computer knowledge. She doesn't know who needs to grow up more - you or me. " ~ Stephen M.

Chris Pirillo: The Book Author

"[Chris] advises readers to make top-quality content their first priority, build brand names, and provide excellent customer service. Perhaps most important, the book explains the difference between spam and legitimate mass mailings." ~ Amazon.com

"Chris has stepped forward to share his experiences via this very useful, well-written book, with a step-by-step tutorial that shows the right way to join in the e-mail publishing fun." ~ Michael S. Dunn, CTO, Dell.com

"If you currently publish an e-mail newsletter or are thinking about starting one, this is the one resource you must have next to your computer." ~ Damon G. Zahariades, Editor, Web Business Today!

"Chris makes the process of online newsletter development understandable and removes the fear of launching a new project." ~ Kendall Hanson, author of Writing for Trade Magazines

"Outstanding. Extremely readable, totally understandable." ~ David Deeson, Founding Editor, Home Business

"So many books are written by people who think they know what they're talking about, but who have never actually done whatever it is; it's so refreshing to hear from someone who has done it!" ~ Jean Hollis Weber, Publisher, The Technical Editors' Eyrie

"I have read many marketing e-books and courses, but none have come close to Poor Richard's E-Mail Publishing for details, examples, and links to useful sites pertaining to e-mail publishing." Eva Almeida, Publisher, Optimal Health Newsletter

"Pirillo began using the Internet before 'www.' was invented, and refuses to yield to the Web's flashy seductions." ~ David Walker

"Since Chris Pirillo has 'been there, done that,' I thought his book might answer many (if not all) of the questions I would have. Well, it delivered! Now I have a Web site and newsletter that makes me proud." ~ Dan Gaskell, SurfBits.com

"As the author of 113 books and over 500 magazine articles, I highly recommend Chris Pirillo's book to anyone who is in business." ~ Dan Poynter, ParaPublishing.com, Amazon.com Top 500 Reviewer

"Pirillo's book is like having a friend in the business who leads you step-by-step through the treacherous minefield - and the potential goldmine - of the Internet. Poor Richard's E-Mail Publishing is the most clear, straightforward, and information-packed book you'll find on the subject of setting up and running an e-mail newsletter." ~ Midwest Book Review

"This book is highly recommended for anyone desiring to promote an online or off-line business, a non-profit organization, or who simply wants to share information about a particular topic. This book is easy to read, it's packed and highly informative, and it will enhance one's marketing efforts!" ~ Jim Moran, Amazon.com Top 1000 Reviewer

"When I began The Machinist Information Exchange Web Site, I thought that if I built it they would come, like in the popular movie (Field Of Dreams). Well guess what? They didn't! Learn from the man that is a great success at doing what he is writing about. Chris Pirillo is the publisher of Lockergnome, one of the largest e-mail newsletters of all time." ~ Gary Pinson

"Chris tells it like it is - no flowery words or high-falutin' language peppered with all the associated Buzzwords O' the Day! No, sir! Chris puts in all in humorous every-day language that doesn't alienate either the layman or the veteran." ~ Karl Erikson

"Not surprisingly, just as in his newsletter, Chris has succeeded in giving lots of info and tips in an entertaining fashion." ~ Tom Winn

Lockergnome: The Force

"The mention in Lockergnome brought more visitors to my site - and resulted in more downloads - than I got from CNet's Download.com two-week exclusive on TopStyle's release." ~ Nick Bradbury (author of HomeSite), Bradbury Software

"In March, when we started uploading software, we had 318 page impressions. After Lockergnome reviewed us in April, we had 8216. And then, on May 1 alone, when Lockergnome featured us for a second time, we passed 7,000 impressions in a single day." ~ John Cattelin, Radsoft

"I received your congratulatory e-mail, thinking to myself: 'What a joke.' I didn't believe I would see any increase in hits. My software has been written up in industry magazines, newspapers, e-mail newsletters with millions of readers, and a few CD-ROMs. But your readers are different; they believe in what you write. My site hit count has more than doubled thanks to Lockergnome. A few of your subscribers have told me: 'If Chris thinks it's good, then it's good enough for me." ~ Guy Young, Easy Desk Software

"I'm very impressed - we've had our utilities selected as Microsoft's Shareware pick-of-the-week and announced in their 'Exploring Windows' and 'Windows Technology' e-mail newsletters, but the traffic generated by your reference in the Lockergnome newsletter has been significantly stronger. Thanks for the plug." ~ Mark Russinovich, System Internals

"Chris, frankly, I must admit that I did not know of your publication before, but you have certainly gotten my attention. At 5AM this morning (Central time), things got very busy here and stayed that way all day. In the past, I have had two mentions on ZDNet, two in PC Magazine, and one in Computer Shopper, and as far as I could tell, life did not change in any way then. But boy, something sure changed today. Only one e-mail has mentioned your newsletter, but it's very clear that something has happened. You have a very strong impact." ~ Wayne Fulton, ScanTips.com

"I'm in charge of advertising and site promotion for CoolText. I am aware that you've run a feature on us in the past. In fact, I hear at the time you ran it, you brought our server to its knees. Thank you again." ~ Evan Thomas, CoolText.com

"You know that CNet (that big company) featured [our site] in their e-mail newsletter, and the response from yours was much bigger. Thanks again." ~ Rob McCormack, ReadPlease.com

"Normally, I have 600 visitors per day; in the early evening, we have logged over a thousand people to the site - and the night is still young. I have been mentioned in USA Today (1800 visits) and a nationally-syndicated tech radio show (1700 visits), but I believe your recommendation will break these records." ~ Martin Zwernemann, Timeticker.com

"In the past couple of days, due to our appearance in the Lockergnome mailing list, we received a very high amount of traffic that caused an overload in our servers." ~ Administrators, CQExpress.com

"Well, I expected some interest in the Business Card Wizard; it did exceedingly well... too well, in fact. My Web site bandwidth exceeded its limit by over 7 gigabytes; I had to stop people from downloading it. Thanks again for giving me a head start." ~ Julian Ross, Soft-ware.co.uk

"Just wanted to let you know that the write-up in Lockergnome brought OnlineHomeBase more users than any other media report about the service. 14% of my frequent users cite Lockergnome as the place where they heard about OHB. The New York Times is a close second with 13.6% of frequent users citing it. So, you're more influential than The New York Times!" ~ Marc Fest, QuickBrowse creator

"As you can see from the attached spreadsheet, around 60,000 subscribers look at the Windows Daily every day. From my understanding, 10-15% is a considered good number for a daily newsletter. So, you guys are way ahead at 30-40%." ~ Jon Lal, Capital Intellect Software

Lockergnome: The Audience

"I've been a Lockergnome reader for 5 or more years, under several e-mail addresses. After buying, learning how to use, and falling in love with my first computer, Lockergnome was the first tech newsletter that I subscribed to. And I've stayed subscribed, all of these years, for the same reasons that I subscribed in the first place. I have always enjoyed the context of Lockergnome newsletters. They are a wonderful mix of friendly, homey, geeky, and funny." ~ Georgia O.

"I receive your e-mail newsletters every day and all the information and links to more information has helped me tremendously in furthering my knowledge to retrain myself in various skills to be able find a technical job when I am able." ~ Martin B.

"Chris is an extremely busy person. For him to still offer personal feedback is a huge testament to his willingness to help others. I, for one, am eternally grateful." ~ Robert W.

"I know you are a busy, busy man - but I just wanted to tell you that two years ago, I didn't know how to turn on a computer. I didn't have a living soul who I could ask for help. Somehow, I stumbled upon you... THANK GOD!!!!!" ~ Michelle T.

"My wife and I decided to do a temporary separation. Suffice it to say, up until today, I have been as low as I have ever been. One thing that kept me sane was the Lockergnome newsletters in my Inbox. My wife and I are back together again. All I have to say is: thank goodness for Lockergnome, and for you, Chris." ~ Michael M.

"You have made technology FUN and easy to learn. You have gifts that many people dream to have: a great imagination, the willingness to remember what it was like to learn something new, and how to teach what you know. When you are having a tough time at work or in life, just take the time to sit back and think about how many people you touch and teach on a daily basis." ~ Glenn B.

"I would like to thank you for formally sparking my interest in computing.  Thanks to you, I have a fantastic job, and am basically setting up my future while only a student in high school." ~ Michael A.

"I just want to tell you how valuable this newsletter has been to me over the years. I love your writing style and sense of humor. The information is user-friendly to all level of geeks of all ages. It never ceases to amaze me how I almost always find some tidbit of information that expands my skills or a download that enhances my love affair with computers." ~ Cheryl R.

"I cannot tell you what it means to those of us who are not 'computer-gifted' - to have someone to talk to us as if we are not dummies, but merely uneducated." ~ Ken E.

"I'm the tech coordinator for a private school in Missouri. Thanks for finding useful tools that make my life easier, and indirectly enrich the opportunities I can afford my students." ~ John S.

"Jerry Pournelle, the science fiction novelist and PC computer 'experimenter,' had a way of sharing information that was very effective. I find that your writing style is very similar to his." ~ Marshall G.

"People like you are appreciated for passing on your knowledge to people like me, in order to enjoy the great benefits of owning and operating an electronic ball of string." ~ John L.

"I just wanted to thank you for taking time to answer everyone's problems. What would we do without you? Probably take a sledgehammer to the computer." ~ Neil G.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your work and to let you know that you have been instrumental in my decision to get into a networking career after I retire from the Army." ~ Richard B.

Gnomedex: The Conference

"Just wanted to let you know that I had an absolutely amazing time and can't wait to do it all again in a year. Thank you so much for being the cool geek get-together dude that you are!" ~ Laura B.

"So when does pre-registration [for next year's event] open?" ~ Dean M.

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the conference. Great audience, great questions and conversation." ~ Dan Gillmor, Journalist for SiliconValley.com

"I wanted to extend a thank you for inviting us to perform at Gnomedex 3.0. The event was a blast and we really enjoyed meeting you all!  It seems like a tight group that has a lot of fun in whatever they do. Thanks for making us a part of it, we really felt welcomed! " ~ Soulmine, Blues and Funk Band

"I look forward to seeing everyone next year and every year after that!" ~ Todd E.

"It was a blast, great contacts, information and just good fun. Saturday night was the best time I had in a long time. I'm really looking forward to next year." ~ Mitch V.

"It was great; thanks for hosting such an interesting and fun conference. I'm definitely attending next year!" ~ Aaron V.

"Thanks for the picture, and thanks for the memories... Great 'Dex..." ~ Jim H.

"Great conference.  After growing up in Des Moines, was very cool to see something like this here. The weekend was outstanding " ~ Ryan T.

"I had an absolute blast at Gnomedex! I would love to get involved with the next Gnomedex, whether it is calling speakers, managing the lists, or any miscellaneous tasks." ~ Justin Porter, University of Minnesota (Carlson School of Management)

"There's still no better conference out there for connecting with people who are doing interesting things, or just people who share common experiences with me, with whom I can share my own info or bounce ideas off." ~ Mike M.

"I wanted to thank you for another great Gnomedex experience. I really had a lot of fun and I already can't wait for next year. It was well worth the drive from Cleveland. You make me proud to be a geek. Good luck in your upcoming ventures. I hope to see you back on TV someday." ~ Joe D.

"Thanks for your kind invitation to appear next year, but either way, definitely count on me as an attendee of next year's convention." ~ D. Clark, Stand-up Comedian

"I just wanted to encourage you to keep moving forward.  I think you've got some capable people with you." ~ Mike C.

"I just wanted to let you know that Gnomedex exceeded my expectations, and I had a great time." ~ Nick Bradbury, Author of HomeSite (the world's best-selling Web page editor)

"Gnomedex renewed my faith in technology, and people." ~ Matthew W.

"It is difficult to describe the nature of 'community,' but you have created a unique and fun environment for computer tech-heads and wannabe-techies. Gnomedex was a novel 'zone' of folks intent on sharing their knowledge base without the crass commercialism you normally find at trade shows." ~ Greg S.

"You have a very keen sense of humor. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished..." ~ Doug B.

TagJag: The Power

Unique twist in implementation, very slick interface. Sweet. ~ Geekswithblogs.net

It's likely that TagJag will become a much-linked to site for definitive results on a term, in a similar way as wikipedia is today. TagJag incorporates all relevant information in a permanent URL, and so becomes a comprehensive result set for a tag link. ~ TechCrunch

Now, this is really cool... You don't need to type in the URL, then wait for the page to load, then type text in a text box and wait again. Congrats, Chris, the new service works great. ~ Robert Scoble, Microsoft Blogger

As TechCrunch says in the title of its post on TagJag "Tag Meta Search Done Right" and I agree the idea Chris Pirillo had was great. The ability to search multiple search sites at one place makes this a very useful site. ~ The Geek Guy

The sheer genius of it is that all you need to do is add your search terms to the first part of the URL and bingo, you have a persistent meta-search that you can bookmark. However, what I love most about it is that it's brisk baby and that it works nicely on a Treo. Congrats Chris. ~ Steve Rubel, MicroPersuasion

I wish Pirillo and company the best with TagJag, it's certainly got the right heart and spirit for as service: to save users time. ~ TDavid

TagJag is a very cool tag-based search that Chris Pirillo has been hinting about for some time now. Unveiled today, it's quite cool. TagJag is designed for fast input on a T9 keypad or even a PSP (apparently). Seriously - it's great stuff and well worth checking out. ~ The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog

Chris Pirillo, founder of the annual Gnomedex high-tech conference, has a new venture definitely worth a look: TagJag. Nice work, Chris! ~ JD Lasica

I think TagJag is very innovative and delivers great results - my hat off for Chris. ~ Netanel Jacobsson

Very nice work, Chris and crew. I'm a fan... ~ Mike Marusin

TagJag despite its strange name (trend among Web 2.0 services) is an excellent new Tag Search Engine that is supposed to be simple in design and powerful in performance. ~ Technoogle

Late last month I dropped some hints about a new search service coming. Chris launched it today and it's very cool. TagJag is totally different. Way cool Chris! ~ Tris Hussey

TagJag is the best thing going when it comes to searching these days. I really love it. ~ Mitch Keeler

Having tested the engine, I can see it becoming very popular soon. To start with, a few great usability concepts inspire this idea: easy to find (searches all top sources in one clean page); easy to read (only results, only text); easy to link; easy to export; and easy to type (TagJag is 4232.2233 on most cell phones and/or the PSP). When I first visited TagJag I thought of how good old AltaVista was once overtaken by Google as the leading search engine. Although it might not be TagJag the one who kills Google, at least it is starting to show the way. Such a great piece of news is obviously everywhere in the blogosphere. ~ Digital Media Review

Chris Pirillo has launched his new metasearch service TagJag! I've been using the 'alpha' version of this service for a little while and it is a godsend! It makes keeping track of certain things so much easier! Great work! ~ Ray Slakinski

Chris has announced the launch of TagJag. I've kind of given up posting Search mashups, 'cos for the most part, any Muppet can do it and it's just lost it's cool (if it ever had any) - but man, this is actually very nice! ~ ThreadWatch.org

I haven't had much time to check this out yet and currently the servers are a bit slow due to high traffic but the simplicity of it shows some promise, especially for mobile warriors on smaller devices. Scoble's going wild over it and TechCrunch isn't far behind in praise. Kudos to Chris for giving it a go. ~ Warner Crocker

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Chris Pirillo letting me know about a new metasearch service he devised called TagJag. I wasn't able to try it out because I was recuperating from surgery at the time, but today I took it for a test spin and I was immediately won over... ~ Nick Bradbury

TagJag, the new service introduced today by Chris Pirillo, makes this process quite a bit easier, simplifying your search across different services and getting the results all in one place. Better, you can search across different sub categories and get the results back across the different services. The greater implications of TagJag are to be discovered. We all TagJag famous. ~ Alex Williams, Corante

I haven't really plumbed the depths though, so I'm mostly going on faith here that when Chris puts his energy into something it's usually fairly cool. ~ Xian Crumlish

This looks like a great way to save bandwidth and time knuckling around on those tiny net-connected devices. Good work Chris! ~ Download Squad

Out of the gate TagJag is getting rave reviews - but it's also been slammed for not being able to keep up with the newfound demand from a blogosphere hungry for new Web 2.0 goodies. And not without good reason. ~ The Social Software Weblog

I believe Chris Pirillo, a professional geek (he's both a geek and plays one on TV), is one of the people behind this. A breathless promotional strategy is to be expected. ~ Infospigot

Chris Pirillo has debuted a new meta-search engine, TagJag. Apparently, it's getting hit pretty hard, so the performance isn't yet up to snuff, but if he gets that straightened out, it looks pretty neat. It's set up to be especially swift for folks on mobile devices, as Pirillo explains. Worth checking out. ~ BusinessWeek Online

I never used meta searches in the late 90's when they were all the rage, but I like the sub-domain search idea so much I will use this. I love sites that make their URLs simple. This is genius because I don't need to visit their search page prior to performing my search. ~ Thirstymind.org

I was one of the fortunate few to hear this idea when Chris was literally writing it on a piece of paper at a conference a few weeks ago. I was fascinated by the simplicity of the idea and now that the service is launched, I am not only fascinated, I am amazed at the power of this service. ~ Rajesh Setty

Note to Chris Pirillo: TagJag works as well as the buzz around it suggests. ~ IrishEyes

Chris Pirillo's search, TagJag, is cool. Very cool. Simple in design, it pulls together results from multiple sources, displaying them cleanly in a list form. The key thing is that the search term can be included as the subdomain of the URL used, reducing clicks required and targeting this at mobile users. Even the domain name is easy to enter on a phone keypad. Nice. ~ Rachel Clarke

Chris Pirillo has released a very cool tag meta search engine. What an excellent idea! Aggregating tag sources into categories then providing a search across all (or a subset) of them. ~ Patrick Smith

TagJag... has so much attention in the blogosphere I can't get through. I feel I'm in the lineup of that hot new club everyone wants to get into - I don't even know why I'm here, but I really really want in! ~ Anonymous Blogger

You may have heard about the launch of Chris Pirillo's new search service TagJag because it seems everyone is talking about it. This is rightly so because in true Pirillo fashion TagJag is specifically designed to be easy... Chris gets it, and you should too. Try it and you'll see. Great stuff, Mr. Pirillo. ~ jkOnTheRun

The layout is simple, which makes sense since the target audience is primarily mobile users. The results are, shall we say, very interesting. ~ JosephDP

The first metasearch engine to be powered by the efficient fuel of RSS technology, TagJag, went live on Monday. [Pirillo's] doing this for the common good: to make search results easy, transparent, accessible, easily viewed on desktops or mobile devices from the same URL, whether or not users know RSS from a hole in the ground. ~ eWeek

Chris Pirillo has done an excellent job putting together a meta search tool for RSS and tag searching. TagJag is the name of his offering, and it pulls search results from over 140 sites... TagJag is easy as all get out to remember. ~ August Jackson

New cool site from Chris Pirillo. They just launched and can't keep up with the traffic load, but it's pretty brilliant. Google works ok, but with TagJag, you can quickly search several sources to find some quick links to browse. It's a very nice interface for quick searching. ~ Scott Milling TagJag is a new metasearch engine that's designed to be mobile friendly. The funny name is by design, too - TagJag is as easy to use as typing "4232.2233? on your mobile device. I'll certainly be playing with this on my Palm Treo 650 Smartphone. ~ Treo Today

First impressions, not bad in concept at all. Kudos. ~ Search Engine Watch

Today Chris Pirillo has launched a new, and very cool tag based search tool called TagJag. I've been playing with it for the past week and it's awesome. It's a meta search engine that brings back search results from an amazing array of sources - using tags as a filter. The time this tool saves in finding niche information is impressive and is evidence that, at least for now, tag based search can be effective. It's also a great mobile search tool. ~ Online Marketing Blog

Well, I may have found a search tool that makes up for some of the limitations of my last post regarding Rollyo. It seems Chris Pirillo of G4TechTV's Call for Help fame created TagJag, a search tool that allows for unique easy-to-remember URLs along with capabilities for RSS search feeds. I look forward to the development of this tool. If I had two nickels to rub together, I'd even consider investing. ~ Partial Recall

You TagJag trying that metasearch engine. Its idea is nice and simple. I don't know what to use it for yet. but i like the idea. ~ RocketSociety.net

Speaking of Amazon.com, I tried out Chris Pirillo's new TagJag RSS-based search service. Excellent! Except when I plugged in my own name, one of the results was an Amazon link to . well, see for yourself. ~ Ed Bott

Despite a few set backs, it is a petty darn cool and powerful metasearch service which offers some very unique features that no one else has. Most importantly it produces very impressive results and should be the default search engine for everyone. ~ The Geek

Chris's TagJag mobile engine launched yesterday. I think this is the definition of a neat hack. ~ Searchblog

You can see how the site's simple layout allows you to efficiently find information on the internet, no matter what size of screen you use. Considering it was released to the public just a few days ago, it's proving to be a very handy utility! ~ Joe Schmidt

It's Chris Pirillo's latest "nifty idea," a meta search engine which takes out the frustration of a lot of things. Simple. This is an idea which is, as they would describe it, genius (possibly the G in the logo?). I have to say, so far I like it and I can't complain about anything. It's simple, yet it works. If I knew Chris, I would say to him, good job Chris. ~ Anonymous Blogger

You can no longer move at the speed of business. Why? That is too slow. To succeed, you really need to start moving at the speed of the internet. How fast is that? Anywhere from 1 hour to a week. Chris Pirillo released a new service called TagJag, it is a meta search engine that searches various sources at once. It has taken off like a storm. ~ Mike's Information Technology Blog

I happen to think that Chris is on to something here; TagJag is essentially a Search Conduit which was initially built for mobile devices - but has mass appeal. I use it regularly now to search for news in the morning as part of my wake-up ritual. It rocks for current news research, check it! ~ Erik Lagerway

Over the last 4 or 5 days there has been a huge buzz across the geek blogosphere with Chris Pirillo's release of TagJag a meta search engine. (If you don't know who Chris is check out his blog, he has hosted a couple of TV shows, runs Lockergnome, Gnomedex has a Podcast and generally is an all round geek.) Chris... seems to have hit a home run on the idea. Today I found a few minutes to play with the tool and... it is very cool. ~ Michael Specht

If I've well understood, Chris Pirillo has started the Lockergnome project (a weblog network) a while ago, and he's now striking back with TagJag - a search engine designed for desktop and mobile devices (which is gaining some good press these days). I see so many mobile services with flawed design that I was happy to [use] this. ~ Air2Web

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